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    Comments: Recurrence of the cartilage defect treated in the past is something that constantly haunts you and once it happens it becomes a significant source of anxiety. For me, the critical aspect was deciding whether I should go back to my birth country to the familiar surgeon or take a ''risk'' of finding a new surgeon in the UK. After hours spent on diligent search for a potential surgeon, reviewing multiple bios and uncountable number of reviews, Mr Khan's profile stood out due to extensive experience, expertise in cartilage preservation and interest in biological preservation as well as conservative non-surgical treatment of injuries. While I am not an athlete myself, his experience in treating athletes during the London Olympics and afterwards also reassured me that it is unlikely that I will be suggested to drop all sports & dancing activities that mean so much to me. These are the key factors why I chose to see Mr Khan in the first place. From the very first appointment I knew I was incredibly lucky to find Mr Khan - his credentials speak for themselves in terms of his expertise and I can only confirm this to be very apparent when once one starts discussing the symptoms and potential causes of these, but, more importantly, Mr Khan's confidence, clarity, professionalism and attentiveness is what made me proceed with the surgery under his care with no further doubts. Generally, the only requirement/expectation for a surgeon I have is the knowledge and skill to ''fix me''. Being under Mr Khan's and his team's care, however, proved to provide a lot more than that. To start with, Mr Khan patiently dealt with a high number of questions and concerns I had (following lots of ''research'' done in advance of the appointment to combat the anxiety, which I realise makes me the patient of every doctor's nightmares!). His explanations were crystal clear and he made sure to manage my expectations in terms of the purpose and possible outcomes of the surgery both at the time of appointments as well as right before the surgery. The amount of time he spent explaining what has been done during the surgery (and a lot was done...!) was something I have never experienced in the past and made me truly impressed by the importance he places on information sharing with the patient. While I am yet to begin physiotherapy, I already feel confident it will be well-overseen by both the recommended physiotherapist and Mr Khan himself, which is very reassuring knowing that post-operative care and physiotherapy is critical to the outcome of the surgery involving cartilage repair. While in response to my shy attempt to thank Mr Khan and his team he humbly suggested he is ''only doing his job'', I would like to use this review to disagree with that. The kindness, courtesy, attentiveness, empathy, warmth and care I have received both during the surgery and appointments definitely extend beyond what constitutes "only doing the job'' and left me in awe of Mr Khan and his team. I can only hope Mr Khan and his team does not exhaust themselves while providing such fantastic care to their patients. I cannot express how glad I am to have found Mr Khan and while I hope I will not need further surgeries in the future, knowing that I have this great surgeon to go to for a consultation puts me at ease and significantly reduces the anxieties I have regarding the future of my knee. I highly recommend this fantastic surgeon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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